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Our Inspiration Behind ... The Lancaster

Lancaster, Pennsylvania ranks as one of America's oldest inland towns, and the surrounding area, sometimes referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch County, is home to a large Amish community. Upon visiting Lancaster, one bears witness to a unique interaction of history, tradition, and contemporary conveniences and technology. Beyond that, however, Lancaster County offers onlookers scenes of natural beauty in the form of rolling hills and open sky. The quaint settlements established in Lancaster do not clash with the landscape, but instead, they enhance the rustic ambiance. In the case of Lancaster County, beauty exists in its simplicity.

Our Lancaster collection seeks to capture the quiet dignity that we found in this unassuming simplicity. We set out to create a piece that, instead of dominating a room, would complete it. When looking for a natural finish, practicality of usage, and excellent craftsmanship, #LookForLandK and the Lancaster collection.

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