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Product Description & Care

Granite, Marble, & Quartz Tops

L & K Designs bathroom vanity cabinets have granite, marble, or quartz tops. Granite and marble are not manmade (they are quarried from the Earth and are considered "natural products"). Because of their natural characteristics, each piece is unique, and is subject to veining, color variations, and fissure lines. The quartz products are made to imitate natural stones, but ultimately appear a little more consistent because they are manmade.

The natural stone tops should be cleaned with mild soap and water only. As with all natural products, these tops can be damaged if they come into contact with any harsh chemicals. Any chemical that is spilled should be wiped up immediately. L & K Designs recommends that soaps with “antibacterial” properties not be left on the granite or marble tops, as these products contain acidic chemicals that can damage the stone.


Furniture Bases

L & K Designs cabinets and furniture pieces are either framed in fir with wood veneers or made of solid mango wood. Natural woods are subject to seasonal humidity cycles and have a tendency to expand and contract. This movement is expected with solid wood products, and cracks can occur in the legs and panels. This is not a warranty concern.

Our furniture pieces should be cleaned with ONLY a soft cloth. Additional cleaners are not needed to maintain the cabinet itself.

Hand Hammered Aluminum

L & K Designs aluminum products are hand tooled nickel-plated aluminum.

These products should be cleaned with a damp towel.


It is possible that your new mirrors might have a little residue or glue from production. A razor blade can be used to remove the residue, along with a soft rag and any glass cleaner. Most mirrors will clean up with water and a rag.

Caring for Your Vanity

Caring for Your Vanity

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