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Important steps to take when hiring a remodeler

Hiring a contractor, step to take.

Pursue quotes from multiple contractors.

You might be shocked at the range of costs you are quoted. Additionally, different contractors might point different problems that need to be addressed before starting the remodel.

Negotiate a written contract.

You need to have a very detailed scope of work correlated with the price of the remodel. Make sure you have a provision in the contract for change orders, i.e. upgrades, additions, or subtractions. Ensure demolition and cleanup fees are included in your quote. It is important to have every element mapped out. Without a written contract, you have no legal recourse if the work is not completed.

Ask how your house will be affected during the remodel process.

Will you have to vacate your home while the remodel is taking place? Will certain rooms and air vents be sealed off during the remodel? Understanding the condition of your home during all steps of the process will help you remain organized.

Set concise hours for workers to be in your home.

Are you open to workers arriving early in the morning and remaining on site until late into the evening? How do you feel about them working on the weekends? Keep in mind that the more flexible you are with your schedule, the faster the work will be completed.

Establish an agreed upon payment schedule based on work completed.

You should never pay for all of the labor and materials up front. A reliable contractor will never ask you to do this. A regular draw is expected to cover the cost of materials and partial labor as the project progresses.

Ask your contractor if he or she has a set vendor list.

If your contractor has a set vendor list, check that the prices of the products offered by the vendors match your budget. If you are unhappy with the selections offered by your contractor’s vendors, ask if you are able to shop with vendors not on the list.

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