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Our Story

L & K Designs


Fifteen years ago, as a young married couple, my husband and I found that we had a shared desire. I'm Kristie, the K of L & K Designs. The L of L & K, Landon, and I wanted to take control of the time that we had with our young daughters. That desire, coupled with our passion for design, birthed this company, L & K Designs.

While our marriage joined us spiritually, our life experiences formed the perfect springboard for our company and provided us an additional union. Landon was raised in the furniture business, spending his youth in showrooms and furniture markets, followed by a stint with kitchen cabinet design. I was raised around architecture, construction, and interior design. After completing courses in design, home furnishings, art and marketing, we combined our solid foundations, and found our place designing home furnishings for construction. We are thrilled to work with the best architecture, construction, and design professionals in the country!

It's our belief that a continual search for knowledge is the key to success. We pride ourselves on our extensive research of culture and lifestyles, both historical and current, as well as new trends and classic looks in furniture design and architecture. We use our collected knowledge to bring you products of quality and beauty. We want to make it possible for everyone to embrace style.

We also strongly believe that our children's education should not stop when they walk out of the doors of their schools. In that spirit, they have accompanied us throughout our travels, embracing their own search for knowledge.

Knowledge is inspirational. Travel is inspirational. We look forward to sharing more about our travels, what we're learning, or whatever else may inspire us! We hope that you'll look for L & K. We'd love to meet you! #LookForLandK

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