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Refreshing your showroom on a small budget

Clearwater Sideboard

Focus on a single display at the front of your showroom.

Updating a showroom can be an expensive and daunting endeavor. Instead of trying to fix your entire showroom at once, focus on one display that your customer will see as soon as they walk into your shop. Changing just one focal point at the front of the showroom can alter the feel of the entire space.

Color and texture make a big statement.

Consider covering display panels or walls with textured materials like wallpaper, driftwood, roofing tin or pallet boards. Textured surfaces draw attention to your displays, so use these unique facades to display your new products. The best news? Leftover materials, like wallpaper and pallet boards, can often be found laying around showrooms and warehouses.

Play with dimension.

Hanging lanterns or placing greenery around products gives a space depth. Added dimension draws consumers towards display areas in large showroom spaces. Opposingly, mirrors provide a sense of depth, and they work to open up small spaces.

Always think big and bold.

A single large piece can have a bigger impact than a variety of smaller pieces. Large paintings, panels or furniture pieces will fill a showroom quickly. Additionally, purchasing one sizable piece is often more cost effective than buying multiple smaller pieces.

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