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L & K Designs Supports the use of Sustainable Wood

At L&K Designs we take into account the environmental impact of our production. Many of our vanities are constructed from mango wood. Not only is mango wood beautiful, but it is also environmentally friendly.

Our mango trees are only cut into lumber after their fruit bearing lifespans are complete. When this occurs, the tree is able to dedicate all of its nutrients to increasing the size and quality of the wood. A pine tree reaches maturity at about 30 to 40 years of age. Only then is the tree able to be used for lumber. In comparison, a mango tree takes only 7 to 15 years to reach this point of maturity. The alternative use of mango trees for lumber helps prevent over-harvesting because it allows other trees to have more time to rebound.

We also appreciate mango wood for its natural beauty. Mango wood has a strong natural grain pattern with both brown and grey undertones. This coloration ensures that a vanity constructed from mango wood will look great in bathrooms with warm and cool undertones. We love using mango wood because it is great for the environment, extremely durable, and makes beautiful vanities.

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