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Cost effective ways to add value to your home before you sell it

Remove personal effects.

It is important to declutter a home before showing it to potential buyers. Personal and sentimental objects like photos, family portraits, and homemade gifts are part of what make a house feel like a home. However, you want a potential buyer to envision the house as their own space, and your personal effects may detract from their personal vision.

Repaint brightly colored walls in neutral tones.

Strong colors insight strong reactions. Those reactions could be positive, but why take the chance?

Repair damaged trim and molding (especially around doors).

After the walls, trim and moldings are one the first parts of a house to show wear and tear. Door trim acts as a focal point as you move from room to room. Damaged trim may indicate to a potential buyer that the house was not well taken care of.

Replace pedestal sinks with a furniture vanity.

Pedestal sinks are an obvious indication of the age of a home. They offer no storage and very little counterspace. Potential homeowners are quick to notice a lack of bathroom storage. On the other hand, an updated bathroom is a huge selling point for a home on the market.

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