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Inspiration Behind ... The French Quarter

A walk through the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana opens your eyes to a culture unlike any other.

It offers an almost overwhelming first impression. The music, the people, the cuisine, and the architecture draw inspiration from across the world, and they culminate into a spectacular blend of flavor and flair. Elegance and flamboyant festivity walk hand in hand in a partnership that seems an unlikely combination, but look down the street. Take in the view of the ornate French-inspired balconies that decorate the buildings. Listen to the sounds of jazz that performers offer at every street corner. Duck into a white tableclothed restaurant that’s open late, and enjoy a bottle of wine with a homecooked Creole favorite. Talk to the locals, and ask them about their home and its history. Experience NOLA, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

With our French Quarter vanity, we strove to capture the elegance and flair of the city of New Orleans. It’s black and gold color combination decorates the Quarter. It’s dramatic, and like its namesake, the French Quarter vanity is a one-of-a-kind jewel that breathes soul into a room.

Kayla Smith

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